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The Galactic Free Press – Update: Huge Victory For The Light Has Occurred! – 7 December 2012

IMG_1668winged-heart-gfp-logo galactic free press sound of heartLove Written In Stone  Earth Ally will – site

Greetings Love Beings, We just keep getting more and more intense incoming energies as the Moments get closer to more Portal openings, Events, and Alignments in Our magical month of December. We have also entered a time compression as We arrive Into Eternity! Continue reading

The Galactic Free Press – Update – We Are Moving Into The Stargate Everyone! Enjoy The Ride! – 1 December 2012

winged-heart-gfp-logo galactic free press sound of heartBringing Humanity Home ~ Energy and Event Update~

Photo By Earth Ally PattiJ Full Moon 11-28-2012 Aloha,

I wanted to share a picture or two of the full moon this morning from Hawaii, taken during the time of the lunar eclipse Continue reading

The Galactic Free Press – Bringing Humanity Home – Energy And Event Update – 24 November 2012

Photo Taken By Earth Ally Luas Love Family Thank You For All!!

Heart Opening In the Clouds

Greetings Love Beings, WOW and More WOW! We are really almost speechless as to what is Currently Unfolding On Behalf of The Light and Truth On This Planet since Yesterday’s Portal Opening with Oneness Energies Pouring in. The Messages of Success of this part of the Mission also Came Pouring Out of The Galactic Free Press Today.Love is moving in Quickly! Humanity is awakening. This Planet is transforming Into Light! Embrace Yourselves for the Brilliance of Truth On Planet Earth=Heart to Light US UP Forever. Continue reading

The Galactic Free Press – Banks Finally Allowed To Count Gold As 100% Money – 22 August 2012

GFP Note: We have recently posted articles about both gold market manipulation and the fact that central governments have been buying up tons of gold. (Thanks Rain!)

Off The Grid News
August 21, 2012, by Mike Continue reading

The Galactic Free Press – On Green Light, The Event, and Drake By The Golden Rule – 30 June 2012



I was having a  bit of writer’s block yesterday, actually going so far as to do a 15 minute audio recording last night that I ended up not liking. Fact is, the information seems to be coming so fast now I am just having a delay in processing time as I digest the news.  Everyone seems to feel an acceleration, a quickening of events so it’s important to step back and fit the puzzle pieces together.  Some call this the “big picture,” and we’ve been hearing some lofty claims of very positive shifts happening…SOON.  Turns out I posted an article in haste which has so many gold nuggets buried, it took a day for them to shine through. Continue reading

The Galactic Free Press – Breaking News – Huge Worldwide Cyber Bank Raid Ongoing, Confirmed €60M Taken By 1 Server, Estimated €2 Billion Taken By Another 59 Servers… This Is Huge!!! – 26 June 2012

GFP: so big even the MSM could not leave the News out… well, it seems that something is moving…

Breaking on Sky just now….. Momma coop further down has link. Also check sky news twitter feed..

Cyber Raid.. Continue reading

A Message From The Earth Allies – Awaken And Be Free – 26 June 2012

By FatherMotherGod… –

~Humanity’s Return to Love Mirring Love~ Look inside and Your Will See. Your Greatest Gift You Will Receive~ Jump Into the Oneness Energy and You Will Discover Your Real Family there, As We have Always Been and We Are HERE~ Continue reading