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The GFP Update – Our Incoming Galactic Alignment Is A Heart One – 20 December 2012

winged-heart-gfp-logo galactic free press sound of heartBringing Humanity Home ~ Energy and Event Update~


Heartcloud – m’batu – ©

Greetings Love Beings, We know many are excited about our incoming alignment event and for those Awake indeed you have every right to Feel this Way. We are Together Moving into the Present Moment of Now, where Magic, Miracles, and Manifestation occurs quickly, and effortlessly! This is called Opening Your [Presents] Presence! Continue reading

The GFP Update – The Galactic Alignment Of 2012! An Inevitable Event – 17 November 2012

Bringing Humanity Home ~ Energy and Event Update~

Earth Ally Reane’s Rainbow Orb~ Let Love Pour IN!

Greetings Love Beings, The current energies are continuing to swirl about the Planet in intensity which were maginfied through our Last Eclipse, these energieswill continue to increase in intensity. The Energy of Heaven is Here! This is also creating those energies which are not in alignment to come up for review. Continue reading