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Lisa Gawlas – The “Gold-In Age” Just Might Ne More Real Than Symbolic!! – 8 November 2014

lisagawlas2Finally!!  I woke up with plenty of time to share.  Since we have set our clocks back one hour my body decided to use it for sleep, lots of extra sleep.  Geez!  Anywayz, no time to complain about myself, I got lots of catching up to do.

The very next day, after spirit saying now the cream of the earth is rising, don’t you know that is exactly how I seen every single reading, like everyone is standing in a clearing of whipped cream (only thicker than whipped cream.)  All 6 readings presented that way (along with their personal detail of course) on Thursday, then the first two yesterday… then everything faded to a white out.  All I could understand in relationship to this “cream” was it was of the earth and her energy and love supporting us and there to be used to enhance our desires.  Even tho we are now out on the fully functioning new earth, the readings have been focused on your skill set and where to focus on perfecting and bringing out that skill set.  But yesterday was a bit weird, I could see clearly, but the hearing was at first intermittent at best then just seemed to go away.  I kept thinking, I must have gotten all that whipped cream in my internal wiring, as the day progressed, I realized, I wasn’t completely off. Continue reading