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Lisa Gawlas – The Golden Age Of Gaia Comes Alive Thru You!! – 16 February 2015

lisagawlas2Well if yesterday wasn’t just a bit one weird side, I would like to say only in the readings, but no, in my gray matter too.  I thought it was just grogginess from not enough sleep, even tho, I slept really well.  In way, it was welcome too.  My brain has been processing at the speed of light since February began.  I swear, it’s addicted to snapping puzzle piece after puzzle piece together, even if the human wants down… way down!!  I was pretty sure someone replaced my gray matter with peanut butter, thick and slow.

My first reading of the day took some adjusting to.  The frequency of light is vision shattering!!  I started to see her light field slowly, very slowly, which is becoming common after a massive shift.  It got easier with each connection, at least to see… expressing outwards with brains made of peanut butter, challenging to bring into verbal language.  What each of them did do, is provide the shards of light I needed to harness the story in language.  That I could feel after each connection, a spin of light in the middle of my peanut butter brain.  Dizzying even. Continue reading