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Laura Bruno – The Great Turning – 14 April 2015

A powerful post from Colette. This one was from awhile ago, but she just reblogged it, and really, it’s a timeless post. Synchronicity helps us enter the realm of timing instead of time, remembering our place in what Joanna Macy calls The Great Turning — the challenge and transformation of our times.

Originally posted on Bealtaine Cottage:

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture, Lush Abundance
We are at a transformational moment in human history.This is the Great Turning.This is a whole mindset of understanding that we are part of a living planet.
Rosehips at bealtaine Cottage permaculture
In contrast to the Industrial Revolution, we are understanding that the sustainability of the Earth has been brought to the brink of utter destruction by our mindless greed.
Bealtaine Cottage December Permaculture pond
We need new ways of living and holding the land intact for future generations.These ways must become deeply rooted in our newly acquired belief systems.The primary belief being that we understand who we are in time.That we are part of the Earth, and the Universe.That we are one.
November Bealtaine Cottage permaculture pond
For the past eleven years, the transformation of one small part of the Earth, from impoverished land to living abundance, has taken place here at Bealtaine Cottage.
Missy at Bealtaine CottageAll
who have made the journey here have been impacted by the energy that…

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