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Lisa Gawlas – The Great Upward Expansion!! – 23 December 2014

lisagawlas2If you are feeling a little like your forward motion seems to be at a stand still, it is, sorta.  Instead of moving forward, there is a great expansion happening.  An acceleration like never before that is taking you into the higher frequencies on all conceivable levels.  Many have already been feeling the effects of this exciting movement upwards into the full version of 2015 (whatever that really means lol.)  The cells of your body are vibrating faster, giving many a feeling of antsiness or even perceived as anxiety, a feeling like you gotta get up and move, or just bulging pockets of energy within the body vibrating so fast you feel like that area just might explode.  For me personally, it has really been in the butt, hips and thighs most days.  We won’t even talk about the spaciness in the head as the consciousness is stretched out, expanded, old info purged, new info coming online every day.  And yet, such tremendous moments of clarity ya swear you just seen forever and understood it!! Continue reading