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Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew – 8 June 2014

valerieDonnerDear Ground Crew,

In talking with another Lightworker the other day, I realized that one of the most important things that we need now is inspiration. We have a plethora of channeled messages through the Internet, some are more inspiring than others, yet inspiration tops the list.

Some Lightworkers are feeling discouraged. Please don’t feel discouraged. We are at the apex of our crossroads from the lower fourth dimension to the higher fourth and higher. The dark forces would like you to think they are in control but they are incorrect. In my writings for the past 17 years or so on my website it has always been my intention to support Lightworkers and to keep us informed. Our work is important. Continue reading

Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew – 6 April 2014

valerieDonnerDear Ground Crew,

Well, if the earth isn’t rockin’ and rollin’ we are shakin’ and movin’ within. How’s that for starting with a blast???? With the earth changes, solar flares, mud slides, impending eclipses on the 15th and the 27th, and the grand cross from the 20th to the 23rd, we are getting astrological and planetary thrusts to move ahead with our lives in major ways. The month of April is supposed to be a challenging one for all of us. Continue reading

Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew – 8 February 2014

valerieDonnerDear Ground Crew,

How are you doing during these hyped up out of sync times? The energies are strange. We had the end of the Chinese Year of the Snake on Friday, January 31. That was a negative kind of day for some of us. Yesterday I noticed that some people weren’t paying attention when driving. One has to be very attentive to what one is doing. Continue reading

Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew – 9 January 2014

valerieDonnerDear Ground Crew,

Happy New Year! This year 2014 portends to be a big one according to the energies I am feeling along with what the astrologers are telling us. It is exciting because so much is happening with our consciousness, the Light and the truth. Let it all come out!

This is the year of the Light. As Lightworkers we are being called into the front lines. We will need to use all of our tools to help heal the earth and the rest of life. There are millions of Lightworkers on the planet weaving the Light through themselves and the planet. We are taking up our Light sabers to direct the most amount of Light to the places that have the least. There are plenty of places that need our Light. Continue reading

Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew – 13 June 2013

ValerieDonnerNewDear Ground Crew,

A couple of weeks ago I announced that I was starting to feel that things had shifted for the good. I felt it strongly and it is proving to be true.

On Sunday, June 9, I attended one of the most positive talks I have heard about the future of the planet. It was at the San Francisco Tesla Society and it featured a talk with Foster Gamble. “Foster Gamble and his wife Kimberly are producers of the “Thrive” documentary movie which they wrote and released on 11/11/2011.  Thrive has been seen by millions of viewers worldwide. This credible fact-based film featuring several SF Tesla Society alumni is an uplifting significant call for reform against inventor abuse, parasitic fiat currencies and corrupt science policies affecting our energy access, health and food quality.  Thrive reform solutions recommended are doable, non-violent, inspiring and definitely grass roots.  The San Francisco Tesla Society officially allied itself as a Thrive Movement supportive organization in November of 2012 and you can find us listed as one of 700 solution based groups at http://thrivemovement.com.”

The talk was entitled “Strategies for Mainstreaming Alternative Energy Technologies”. Gamble’s main statement is that it takes three things for change on the planet: “integrity, freedom and nonviolation.” He maintains that free energy would bring abundance and change that is necessary for the healing of the planet. In fact, on the Thrive website there is a “Solutions Hub” that works naturally with the flow of energy that can be systemically used to solve problems.

Some of you might remember me mentioning this movie when it first came out. If you have not seen it I highly recommend it. Check out the website too and see where the information might apply to you.

It feels as though change is happening from the bottom up. We no longer can or should rely on the government to take care of all of our needs. For instance, in California we had Proposition 37 on the most recent California State Ballot which would require that GMO (genetically modified organisms) would have to be labeled on all of our foods. Well, you can imagine what happened, can’t you? Monsanto was against it and even though most of the populace was in favor of the labeling, Monsanto launched a misinformation campaign and the proposition was defeated. (By the way, I recently learned that Bill Gates is the largest stockholder of Monsanto.)

As a result, a nationwide movement started and recently a GMO labeling bill was passed in Connecticut which also affects the four or five states surrounding it.

One genius proposed that an application be created that would have all of the GMO information on smart phones so that people could scan products in the grocery store and know what was in them. This technology would create self-reliance would eliminate the need for governmental laws to make GMO labels mandatory.  A few applications of this nature are beginning to come out.

As a planet we are springing forth with innovation, genius, technology, heart, love and Light to change the world in which we live. We need to use our resourcefulness, intelligence and intuition to be resilient to what is going on around us. For every challenge there is opportunity and we need to remember this so that instead of accepting the old ways of doing things we become empowered and take our planet back in love, Light and into higher dimensions.

Consciousness is everything. The more that we raise our vibrations, become increasingly aware and increase our frequencies the faster we will progress with our ascension. This is our time, ground crew. This is why we are here. Please tap into your hearts and realize what I am saying.

This is the Moment   A Poem by Valerie Donner

This is the moment.

This is the time.

Lightworkers are you ready

To get in line?

Are you willing to work

With what you have got,

To step up planetary healing,

To release the rot?

You can’t just sit there

Waiting for others.

We work for the Earth

And for our sisters and brothers.

Our time is here

And so are we.

Are you ready

To create a victory?

This is the moment.

This is the time.

Let’s re-create our Earth

And make it sublime.

© 2013 The Ground Crew

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Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew – 17 April 2013

ValerieDonnerNewDear Ground Crew,

Here we are in 2013 and I wouldn’t exactly call these changing times easy. The challenges that we are having are quite intense. The big focus seems to be health issues or with relationships. Everyone gets to clean up the past, let go of the baggage and start anew. The health issues can be serious. Several people I know are facing the Big “C” and one person might be making her transition as I write. Continue reading

Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew – 13 March 2013

ValerieDonnerNewDear Ground Crew,

How are you doing? Has your life been in a little intense lately? We have been dealing with some challenging energies with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces that is bringing up a lot of emotions. It looks like after Mercury goes direct on the 18h of March things should start heating up. Have any of you felt like it has been challenging to focus and get much accomplished? We are also coming out of three days of the Dark Moon energies.   Continue reading

Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew – Saint Germaine And Dwjal Khul – 26 July 2012

Dear Ground Crew,

This morning in meditation the Master Saint Germain came to me. For those of you who do not know who he is Saint Germain was Joseph of Joseph and Mary, Shakespeare, Merlin, Roger Bacon, and Sir Francis Bacon, and Christopher Columbus who discovered America. He represents freedom, transmutation, transformation, diplomacy, ceremony and the science of true alchemy. He brought forth the violet flame for transmutation and the I AM. He actually was one of the founding fathers of the United States which was originally called IAMerica, meaning the land of the free. He precipitated at the signing of the Declaration of Independence and continues to work in the inner realms with those in charge of the government. Continue reading