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Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – How To Work Wonders – 16 June 2012

God said:

Be true to love. Be a supporter of love. Back love. Love rules. If you want to command the Universe, then love, for love is the way. Love is the only way. Love is vast. Power and control are not the strong arms the world sees them as. Next to love, power and control wither away. You may protest that you have not seen this or even heard of it, and yet I tell you that power and force wither before love. There are no two ways about it. Continue reading

Lucas – Ashtar – Disclosure, “Soon” Explained And The Heart As Your Thinking Centre – 1 December 2011

(Lucas) Hello Ashtar. I  thank you for connecting  to me again. First  could you give us some information on the recent developments in disclosure and first contact.

Beloved friends I am Ashtar and glad to speak to you all. I will answer the questions of Lucas and also address something  we have been talking about earlier in private to be relevant to you all.

I am here to tell you in short things are advancing quicker than anticipated. We nearing our goals. The news will come out soon. Then you will be informed about what we have been doing and what has been kept from you.  We will not announce a specific date for disclosure nor our arrival but you will know instantly when things happen.

The word “Soon”is what you (Lucas) spoke of earlier with me. It has become a loaded word. I will elaborate a bit on this.  Continue reading