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Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – This Illustrious Journey To God – 26 December 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

Just as some days are sunny and some are rainy, some days you feel grandly energetic and other days perhaps lackluster. Some days you are so healthy, and other days, you feel unwell, perhaps even sure that you won’t make it through.

Best not to get caught up so much on how you feel.

Beloveds, there is no end to you. You are eternal. You well know that your body is not you. It is a costume you wear. When you leave your body behind, you will be infinitely happy. It will be like you have taken off a cloak that has kept your arms bound and kept you from flying, a cloak that has kept you from knowing. You are not held to this short imprisonment in a body on Earth. Your value is far more than how long you live. Your value is limitless and, therefore, regardless of how long your body lives. Continue reading