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Krista Raisa – The High Council Of Orion – 22 January 2013

Uploaded on 22 January 2013 by Krista Raisa Continue reading

Karen Doonan – The High Council Of Orion – 4 June 2012

Greetings dear ones we come to guide and support as many changes are now placed within the reality that you know as the planet earth.

For those who are now moving into transition we come to guide you in detail so that you may release the bonds that have kept you in the lower vibrations and prepare to take your places in the new earth. For those who are now in chaos we guide for you to read our words and process them through your hearts. We are the High Council of Orion and we walk with you always. That which has been guided for such a long time for planet earth may appear just a dream for many but for many others on planet earth the realisation that this time is now upon the earth is dawning. Continue reading