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Visionkeeper – The Keys To The New World – 9 August 2013

earth-love-nature-poet-Favim.com-324498(Picture  by http://www.favim.com)

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The world is designed to be insane right now, it is created to capture our attention and drag us away from what truly matters most in life. Do not succumb to being a part of this. Remove your self from all that is going on and being crammed down our throats and just step into yourselves and your own life you are creating away from the insanity. The quote in the picture indeed tells a thousand stories. It is showing us the way to a whole new way of life, one that is simplified and packed full of meaning. As we turn off the TV sets and stop reading the propaganda pages of the newspapers, we begin to slowly remember what life was really meant to be about. Connecting with the earth, connecting with one another and interacting with life on a deeply personal level, not superficially. When was the last time you stood somewhere in nature’s silence and felt the wind blow against your face and play with your hair? Continue reading