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The Magic Art Of Letting Go – 25 November 2012

The Magic Art of Letting Go

Are you still hanging on to the past? Or the Present? Or the Future? Is your ego still trying to keep you trapped in The Program?

Your ego knows that if you let go, it will die, so it tries to keep you stuck in 3D.

It’s time to let go, Brothers and Sisters. Once and for all. Free yourself.

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This is not the time to start psychoanalysis and try to figure out why you are the way you are, because the you that you think existed in 3D is not real.

This is the time to remember who you REALLY are and start acting like yourself. You are an advanced multi-dimensional LIGHT BEING. Let go and become yourself. BE YOU.

Yes, it really is that simple. You are surrounded by LOVE. You are LOVED unconditionally. Accept that and understand that and find the courage to say NO to fear.
Fear is your ego trying to keep you from stepping out of The Illusion. The show is over, My Friends. Take a bow and get off the stage already. Drop your mask and go Home.

Dive in to the River of the Oneness Energy. There’s no time like the present. There’s no time. This is The Present. That is your present. Accept it with the gratitude and graciousness that a LOVE BEing such as yourself is capable of.

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