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Lisa Gawlas – The Magnetic Blueprints Ready As We Move Into Construction Phase! – 15 February 2015

lisagawlas2Did ya feel it??  Did ya allow space for the full on merger?  Do you feel brand new today?  If not, thats ok too, this is just the beginning and its all gonna quicken from here on out!!!

As my day began yesterday, I was once again summoned to my bathtub.  I have taken more baths this last week than I have taken in the last full year. But then again, there is no doubt something huge is emerging.

For the second time in two weeks, I felt the presence of my beginnings looping back around.  The first one was with watching the youtube video on Hermes, when Ramus (my guide of action, not words) showed up and ran chills up and down my left side.  The moment my back lay against the tub yesterday, Jill (the chick who showed up via the Ouija Board and was always present with Ramus in my meditation) whose body signal has always been to make my stomach rumble (like it does when you’re hungry) started immediately.  They blocked my vision so I couldn’t see what was happening, just allowed me to be present in the experience.  The line of energy being drawn in my body emerged with that very familiar rumbling sound and absolute feeling within the body.  First, a straight line from my outer right side to center, then from my lower mid line upwards to center, then circular movements around center, this all went on for easily, a half hour.  Then suddenly I hear “you’re done, go get a massage.”  Huh, a massage??  Really?  Then, make sure you take yourself to Red Lobster and indulge without worry about calories or money.  Who’s paying for this day??? lol Continue reading