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Lisa Gawlas – The Magnetic Frequency And Our Personal Energy Systems! – 11 January 2013

magnetic-energyI know I can be a serious weirdo at times, especially when I read information that the “news” wants to make scary and I am jumping up and down celebrating.  In the USA, this flu season is the worst in a long time, and spreading far and wide, fast.  The Light of this new earth is really really infectious… isn’t it!!  The fever is melting down all the old wiring within us, the congestion is moving out all the old debris, for those of us whispering thru laryngitis  our self-expression is being fully aligned with the new earth.  The aches of the body is the New energy moving in and filling us out.  Granted, there were people whose soul agenda was to infuse this high energy field, but their past choices didn’t allow for the change out and they really got hit hard.  These folks are more than likely still very stuck in their old mindset/BeLIEf systems and oblivious to the fact they should celebrate and move with this Flu of Light!  Like I said, I Am a weirdo and I love being That!! Continue reading