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Lisa Gawlas – The Accelerations, The Magnetics And OMG The ET’s!! – 13 January 2015

lisagawlas2I have said this on my facebook yesterday and I am going to say it again here, I am going to dub 2015 the year of our personal ET contact!  Now we had an insurgence of their foot into your readings back in March and April this past year, but now feels even different from then, more intense and if not more important that you start your connections (if you have any.)   However, with it all, comes the repetitive information that we really have a very limited understanding of the space we occupy called the earth realm.  Now however, it seems important for us to rediscover and use to its fullest, this realm called earth, to put aside what we think we know and allow even more usable information to become available to us.  It’s making my head spin!!!  I have decided I am going to dust off a blog site I started last year, when the ET connections started coming in droves:  InterGalactic Connections <– clickable link, and share the vast ET information there after today, just to keep everything organized.  There is so much happening and unfolding in the readings and energy field itself as we continue to “unpack” that I don’t want to get everything jumbled up. Continue reading