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Ruth Ryden – The Masters Of Light – 31 August 2012

MASTERS:    “This is the time of beginnings.  Humanity is in the midst of unlimited opportunities of mental and physical understanding of the universe and all of its powers and integrated productivity.  The wonders of planetary reconstruction that are now being felt and observed in your world are part of movements in your universe that will soon be observed on other planets that you are at least aware of at this time.  The Mars mission will be one of the first to observe the changing tides of frequencies as its roving machine picks up more than soil samples and records power surges not known or understood at this time by your scientists. Continue reading

Ruth Ryden – The Masters Of Light – Earth Is Undergoing Many Changes – 2 May 2012

Through the many centuries of time the universal consciousness has drawn in space many beautiful elements of creation, including your blue planet circling around a flaming star. Soul beings converged upon its surface in delight and have progressed in the ways of mastery, both mentally and physically. In this present time, what has been accomplished has come to a stalemate in time as the planet undergoes its natural point of its travels, readying itself to return to a more stable orbit around your sun. Continue reading

Ruth Ryden – The Masters Of Light April 2012 – 2 April 2012

Dear Masters, please give us an overview of the state of the planet and the probabilities of dangerous storms, etc. A lot of concern about Yellowstone, the Madrid Fault, and the Cascadian Fault on the web. This given today (3/29/12)

Masters: This is a time of concern for all those who dwell near the well-known dangerous places in your country and around the world as the planet stretches and shifts. The forces that push and pull vary from day to day, paring predictions down to probabilities. At this moment in time, Yellowstone is fairly quiet, but deep underneath the magma is heating up and may cause new geysers to appear very soon. This is a dangerous place for a vacation. Continue reading

Ruth Ryden – The Masters Of Light – 1 March 2012

Channelled by Ruth Ryden

“Dear readers, this is a time of tremendous upsets all over the world, as you are well aware. Leaders killing their own populations, religious furor going out of control, millions of dollars being spent trying to buy power in the U.S., and similar confused actions in many other countries. Your Sun is also going through some ambient contortions, sending strong flares that are producing weather phenomena around the earth. Continue reading

Ruth Ryden – The Masters Of Light – 1 February 2012

“Baby, it’s cold outside!” Remember that old song? Arizona has been pretty protected from most of the worst storms so far, and we do feel for those of you who are fighting snow drifts and icy roads. We lived in Northern Minnesota for many years and do remember very clearly what all that entails. The tornadoes in Alabama are heart-breaking – it takes years to recover from something like this. Joplin is still re-constructing homes and lives. Please be careful and help each other when you can. You are in our prayers. Continue reading

Ruth Ryden – The Masters Of Light – 5 January 2012

From Ruth Ryden & The Masters Of Light rydenruth@yahoo.com


Well, here we are in 2012. The world is still doing some twisting and turning, the weather patterns are weird, and we are all taking it in stride. Right? Interesting that the number of this issue carries a 12! I want to give a very profound thank you to all of you who have sent beautiful cards, heart-warming notes, and most appreciated gifts for the Christmas season. They all mean a lot to me as I sit here alone by my computer each month. I tape my cards up on my cabinets so my family and friends can enjoy them too. We had a crowded family Christmas and a wonderful visit from my California daughter the last week. Now, back to what the Masters are waiting to give us for the coming days.

Masters, please give us what you see in the coming month and the rest of the year that you feel will not be changing due to human or terrestrial interference. Continue reading