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Lisa Gawlas – The Merging, The Clearing, The Fire Within! – 29 January 2013

fire-birdIt’s a good thing I live and thrive in the “weird and strange” zone, because yesterday was every bit of that, from the moment I got out of bed.  When I sat down at my computer yesterday morning to share my mornings understandings, suddenly my lungs decided they needed to purge some (a lot) of phlegm.  Granted I am a smoker, but I never ever hack like I did yesterday and constantly spewing up lung content (phlegm.)  But for close to a full half hour, I couldn’t even type for the hacking.  However, in-between the coughing I did manage to drink yesterdays coffee (I always leave a cup of coffee from the day before so I don’t have to wait in the morning for my first cup) well… seems my body decided to kick in the gag reflex too at the end of my first coffee and what went in, came straight out, over and over again until there was nothing left in my stomach to bring up. Continue reading