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This Is The ESM – The New Dictatorship To The EU – 20 April 2012

I already have been reporting on the dark ones intentions a lot. As the EU also wants a dictatorship of finance and debt-slavery. Even now the crisis of the Euro unfolds and the member states get hit with extreme debt-slavery by austerity measures and budget cuts to stop all forms of resistance. I becomes clear what they will present us next as the ultimate. As Hitler got presented as an alternative to the germans in the thirties for their problems then and easy target to blaim could be foundthis is the same tactic also David Icke rights and talks about on and on.

Problem -Reaction – Solution

They have caused the problem our reaction will be, if we follow their cany and vicious plans, to call for a solution and they will present us with the solution bringing us the ESM- European Stability Mechanism. Is is already for some time in the EU parliament known as resolution.  See the following video and see what consequenses this ESM has as it is an undemocratic not to control organization and  is  not accountable  for anything and can not be challenged in any court. But anybody in the ESM organization is free of all forms of prosecution and cannnot be brought to court. Etc. etc. you get the info.