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Ron Van Dyke – The One’s People’s Public Trust – 18 January 2013

Uploaded on18 January 2013 by paradoxman316  I was going to talk about this yesterday, and shifted to something else before making that video. The same thing almost happened again today. What Heather has created in The One People’s Public Trust is both powerful and enigmatic. Some say it is written in 5D language, making it confusing for those still thinking in the 3D paradigm. What it does, however, is that it lays the lawful foundation for all humans to reclaim thier natural birthright as prodigal children returning home. It sets the stage for our ability to co-create a world of peace with prosperity for all. It is an important key in opening the door to the Aquarian Age; and it is significant that is is brought to us by a lady lawyer, indicating the power and importance of the Divine Feminine. Goddess Energy returns balance to the Earth, the New Earth. [TED Talk, Israel & Iran: A Love Story told by Ronny Edry, http://youtu.be/6Lp-NMaU0r8]