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John Ward – The Paedofile : Slog Double-Header Special… Part 1, How A Long-Term Core Member Of The Childcare System Is In Charge Of Reforming It… And Suprise Suprise, Is Walking Away From The Problem – 31 May 2013

timpsonmpTory MP Edward Timpson….well-meaning woffler on care-system reform

In a two-part Paedofile Special today and tomorrow, The Slog focuses on a key weakness in the chain of hunting down systemic paedophiles: the Party loyalties,  denial, and protective Establishmentarianism of those we elect to rise above such things. Today, I examine the ideas of current Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children Edward Timpson. My thesis here is very straightforward and well-evidenced: he is a direct lawyer/bureaucrat transplant from the very system he is supposed to be reforming. And he isn’t tackling the most important issue for most reformers: systemic child-abuse and trafficking exploitation. Continue reading