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Lisa Gawlas – The Portal Of Magnetic Energy Imploded Over Night! – 10 May 2013

magentic-release-on-earthWhat strange and exhausting evening I had, and I am going to blame it all completely on my last reading of the day!! (smile)  I will get to that in a minute.  By 7:30 last evening, I was not falling into sleep, but being pulled deeply into it.  I suddenly became very grateful that just hours earlier I listened to that inner voice that suggested I take my contact out and give my eyes a rest.  Normally, I rebel,  this time, not at all, I popped out my contact and popped on my glasses.  I have never been so grateful for my own obedience   The moment I let go and flew into sleep, someone or something started to drill a hole in my left eye (the eye that, hours earlier, had the contact on it.)  My eye started watering like crazy and hurting like hell, but it didn’t prevent me being drug into sleep! Continue reading