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Eva Moore – The Potentiality Of Love – A Letter From Bill – 20 March 2013

The Potentiality of Love

To begin I want to apologize for my silence.  It has been a bizarre adventure period for Eva and I. We have not been together since August 20th. On March 20th it will be 7 months since I was last able to BE near Eva in 3D context. The resistance that we have experienced since our decision to no longer live in fear of the at-law fictional judicial system has been interesting, to say the least. We can honestly say we are more alive now than we have ever been. All the  perturbation  that the legal system does provide is a gift in disguise and is a force big enough to draw out our X factor (we BE free ) set us on the path towards mining for the truth. That is, who are we really, how did we forget, and what the heck do we do now? Continue reading