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Lisa Gawlas – The Road Of Love Constantly Changes! – 27 October 2013

lisagawlas2Life!!  What an amazing, revealing, interactive teaching tool it is.  The more intense life gets, the more choice points we arrive at.  These times are our greatest moments, even tho, from the human perspective, they just down right suck!  But, with the right heart juice, we can take the bitter sour of lemons and create a wonderful lemonade out of it.  Can I tell you, YOU are a major part of my heart juice, in ways, I am sure you will never fully realized until we are all on the other side of the veil and really seeing how much you have not only affected my life, but all the lives around me.  Thank you for loving me, my dad and all that surrounds this journey…. so flipping much.  Your love, support and extreme generosity is what is keeping me (semi..smile) sane. Continue reading