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Lisa Gawlas – The Rods of Light and Portals of Entry to the Multiverse!! – 11 February 2015

lisagawlas2Geez, what an eye full to get as I just wake up and ponder how to start todays sharing and where exactly to start.  I started seeing all those rotating sheets of plastic, and the vast amount of little slits on each one and how the slinkies connect with them.  Before I get to my sudden vision, they added more to the schematics underway.  Each sheet breathes, meaning there is a series of expansion and contraction that is constant and to our viewing eyes, very very slow.  The expansion and contraction doesn’t, isn’t making anything bigger or smaller, but when we (nasa) views it from the “primitive” telescopes, it appears that way.  The contraction condenses the energy within that particular sheet, the expansion… well, expands it!  To top this all off, more sheets are constantly being added, the orb is not finite, life is not finite.  Each time a new sheet is added, the entire orb of all lives appear to condense to make room, then expands to unfold the intermingling energy and realigning the particles that keeps everything interconnected. Continue reading