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Jeleila Starr – The Secret To Maintaining Flow While In Limbo – 23 April 2012

Was talking to my friend, Julie, this morning; I call her when I need inspiration for a weekly message. She talked about how she was finding it hard to feel the dream, meaning feeling the excitement of her dream for the future. I instantly knew that that was the topic for this week ’cause it was the reason why I felt uninspired. Having been in limbo for some time now, waiting for the new reality to form so that we can get on with our next phase, it is challenging not to become strained by the wait. I think what makes it challenging is not the wait itself, but seeing pieces of our current life dissolving, as if from under our very feet, taking away the financial, emotional and physical support we’ve been secure in. I declare, sometimes I feel like I am walking a tightrope that is only partially there–and with no net to boot! It is easy to get stressed out and over-focused on what is disappearing. Makes it hard to remember to energize the future we want to see. Energizing the dream means really feeling the excitement of it, living as if it were already here. Continue reading