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Lisa Gawlas – The Shift Of The Ages Is Happening THRU YOU!! – 29 November 2014

lisagawlas2Holy super Shift batman!!  I knew when we finally came out of the quantum soup things would be different, but man oh man, this is more than I bargained for!!  First of all, the sheer intensity of your frequency, of your light spectrum when I look at you creates massive light quakes in my head.  The kewl thing tho, i could actually feel the vibrational spin coming into me.  It became so intense that by the 5th reading yesterday, a virgin upon our beautiful field, and I was telling her how I work a reading… it started.  I was already rocking a huge headache from the connections prior, but hey, I am a gluten for punishment and too nosy to just say mercy!!  I couldn’t even make it thru my little speech before the reading started, her energy was pinging the ba-jesus out of me.  It got to the point I couldn’t even bear to look out my back door, where you unfold, and the imagery wasn’t even there yet, but man oh man, her radiation was!!  I apologized to her and told her there is no way I could do this reading, my wires were melting already and we didn’t even start yet!!  So I placed my face, my eyes in my kitchen and we just talked.  Well, ya cannot stop light on a mission!! Continue reading