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Lisa Gawlas – The Shift : The Galaxy Of The Mind vs The Galaxy – 23 February 2013

galaxies1For as long as I can remember, well, at least since I have started walking this path of awareness back in 2000, people talked about The Shift.  Some even referred to it as “The Shift of the Ages.”  But, no one could really tell me what the hell does that mean to us.  A lot of people talked about the shift via earth changes… well, ok that is happening and has been for some time.  Some others talked about the shift being a reversal of poles… well, we know that magnetic north has been moving position for quite a while, so that part  is true too to a lesser degree.  Some others said the shift was how we looked at life again, how we looked at each other again, not separate but part of each other.  Yes, we can see that too happening on a large-scale.  All of it is indeed happening. Continue reading