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Natalie Glasson – The Sisters Of Cosmic Awakening By Mary Magdalene – 7 March 2015

natalie glassonGreetings and love extends to each soul continuing their precious journey upon the Earth. I am Mary Magdalene; I comeforth with a gathering of souls known as the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening. These souls emanate powerful vibrations of feminine light, love and consciousness, their purpose is to awaken, heal and restore balance within the divine feminine vibrations of the Creator. Many of the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening have existed on the Earth, they have been known as the Magdalene Sisters and also the Burgundy Sisters. Their souls have been present for sacred moments of Earth and humanity’s evolution to support the divine feminine vibrations. As a gathered group of the divine feminine we come forth to share our light and consciousness with you, there is simply a need for you to invite us into your meditation or quiet time to be of service to your spiritual evolution and ascension.

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