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John Ward – Spanish Bond Scandal : Wall St Journal Now Only 3 Years Behind The Slog – 4 January 2012

PETEPAULCARTcropHow the Journal is behind the music on Spain’s social welfare embezzlement

The Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal ran what it positioned as a ‘scoop’ yesterday on the Spanish bond Peter-to-pay-Paul thing involving the country’s social welfare funding. It was soon picked up by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge: Continue reading


John Ward – Paedo-Grooming Goes Back Thirty Years, Widespread Beyond Yorkshire – 25 September 2012

The scale and profundity of paedophile immunity granted in the cause of multiculturalism beggars belief. It is time for a backlash against reality-denial

Following The Slog’s comment piece of yesterday on how PC madness has been tying the hands of PC Plod when it comes to paedophile-network detection, I’ve received a number of emails detailing (without collusion as far as I know) just how widespread this Pakistani/Islamic grooming/pimping practice appears to be. Continue reading

John Ward – Illegal Camerawork At The Groucho Club : Was It A Missing Link In The Hackgate Saga? – 6 September 2012

On the trail of Groucho members, Newscorpers, and Shadow Ministers

The story so far: we know that the Groucho Club run by JHJ Lewis indulged in unregulated surveillance. We know that a website using the same domain and name as The Groucho was an active paedophile linking forum for at least a year. We know that Mr Lewis has donated a probable six-figure sum over time to the new Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. We know that Lewis gave Hunt £4000 to visit New York, where he hob-knobbed with the Murdoch media elite. We know that ten days later, James Murdoch met David Cameron and confirmed that the Murdoch-owned Sun newspaper would support the Conservative Party in the forthcoming election. And we know that Lewis was in charge of a major Tory paper on UK Tourism, one in which the Prime Minister took a keen personal interest. Today, in Episode Three of the Hunt-Groucho Saga, The Slog discusses what the chances are of these being significant, or simply coincidental, connections. Continue reading

John Ward – The Slog – The Foresight Saga : Interesting Things Happen After A Slogpost – 24 August 2012

A quick roundup of some MSM stories that began here

The arrival of one lone (professional) troll to The Slog this lunchtime shows, I hope, that this site is at last beginning to get under some important skin. His succinct ‘this is all small-numbers crap from backwater site etc etc’ is from the classic mould – and a known source….which I must confess left me vaguely flattered that such folks would take the trouble. Continue reading

John Ward – Greece Exclusive : ‘Deal Has Been Done To Pay Off Bondholders And Forgive Residue Of Debt’ – French Diplomat Source Confirms Big New Containment Plan For Greece – 12 August 2012

Samaras…big secret, upping the pace of austerity

‘What the deal does is allow another default date to come and go with everyone pretending it hasn’t happened.’

Another day, another bonkers conspiracy theory from The Slog. Greece has done a deal to put the lid on the Greek crisis? Pah! Formation of Greek/Israeli/Cyprus/US alliance? Fiddlesticks! Continue reading

John Ward – Bread : French Priorities Win Again, And The Germans Are Left Gnashing Their Teeth – 8 August 2012

France’s uncanny knack of choosing a winner irritates the crap out of everyone

I spend half the year living in a rural area of southern France. I like the people here: they’re not metropolitan when it comes to conversation, but by and large they’re crime free and generous. When they have too many tomatoes, they say I should help myself to the glut. And when my quinces are ready, I say the same to them. There are about 37,000 more things you can do with a tomato than a quince, so I can’t help feeling I do very well out of this system. Continue reading

John Ward – RBS Nationalisation : A Perfect Weapon Of Mass Distraction – 4 August 2012

How Osborne fired a shot across the banks’ bows, stuffed Cable, and took everyone’s eye off the balls-up at RBS

The Chancellor…everything up his sleeve

There have been some severely misleading statements in the media about Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) over the last few days – on both sides of the Pond. Some of this is down to the usual hack idleness and gullibility; but rather more of it was a campaign of carefully assembled spin and distraction. Most of these have emanated from George Osborne. Continue reading

John Ward – Do S&P Know WTF They’re Doing, Episode 93….- 28 July 2012

Standard & Poors just confirmed the UK’s triple-A status. Speaking as a Brit myself, right now I wouldn’t lend my government a corkscrew to open one bottle of Bulgarian Merlot: but S&P rationalises this mad judgement on the following risible basis:

‘We project that, despite recent weakness, the U.K. economy should begin to recover in the second half of 2012 and steadily strengthen, and we expect economic policy to continue focusing on closing the fiscal gap’ Continue reading

John Ward – Corporate Crime : Nothing To See Here, Move Along Now Please… – 26 July 2012

Jerry del Missier, the former Barclays executive at the centre of the Libor-rate rigging scandal, is understood to have negotiated a ‘golden goodbye’ deal with Marcus Agius of £8.75m. This is believed to be a record-payout to an aurally challenged employee whose body-location divining skills are nevertheless thought to be prodigious.

Lord Green of Bermuda & Switzerland says he has ‘no case to answer’ after ten years spent running a bank whose main skill was in money-laundering and tax evasion. There are no signs of much pressure for him to go, and David Cameron thinks he is a fine man who knew no more about what was going on in HSBC than Rupert Murdoch did about Newscorp. Continue reading

John Ward – Euroblown : Inflationary, Stationary And Vacationary – 26 July 2012

Desperate times call for desperate measures…after the holidays

The Eurozone has now reached that stage you get to in the last half-hour of most sci-fi disaster epics.  That’s where the asteroid is still headed straight for Washington, and so it’s time for Bruce Willis to strap a 2000 megaton bomb to his scalp, and get up there to nut the damn thing onto another course. It’s suicidal, but by Jiminy it’s bold. Suicidal nuclear options are now on tables from Frankfurt to Athens via Paris in a final attempt to stop a gigantic defaultoid from wiping Brussels off the map. But in the meantime, we’re all going on a Summer Holiday. Continue reading