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John Ward – Do S&P Know WTF They’re Doing, Episode 93….- 28 July 2012

Standard & Poors just confirmed the UK’s triple-A status. Speaking as a Brit myself, right now I wouldn’t lend my government a corkscrew to open one bottle of Bulgarian Merlot: but S&P rationalises this mad judgement on the following risible basis:

‘We project that, despite recent weakness, the U.K. economy should begin to recover in the second half of 2012 and steadily strengthen, and we expect economic policy to continue focusing on closing the fiscal gap’ Continue reading

John Ward – Corporate Crime : Nothing To See Here, Move Along Now Please… – 26 July 2012

Jerry del Missier, the former Barclays executive at the centre of the Libor-rate rigging scandal, is understood to have negotiated a ‘golden goodbye’ deal with Marcus Agius of £8.75m. This is believed to be a record-payout to an aurally challenged employee whose body-location divining skills are nevertheless thought to be prodigious.

Lord Green of Bermuda & Switzerland says he has ‘no case to answer’ after ten years spent running a bank whose main skill was in money-laundering and tax evasion. There are no signs of much pressure for him to go, and David Cameron thinks he is a fine man who knew no more about what was going on in HSBC than Rupert Murdoch did about Newscorp. Continue reading

John Ward – Euroblown : Inflationary, Stationary And Vacationary – 26 July 2012

Desperate times call for desperate measures…after the holidays

The Eurozone has now reached that stage you get to in the last half-hour of most sci-fi disaster epics.  That’s where the asteroid is still headed straight for Washington, and so it’s time for Bruce Willis to strap a 2000 megaton bomb to his scalp, and get up there to nut the damn thing onto another course. It’s suicidal, but by Jiminy it’s bold. Suicidal nuclear options are now on tables from Frankfurt to Athens via Paris in a final attempt to stop a gigantic defaultoid from wiping Brussels off the map. But in the meantime, we’re all going on a Summer Holiday. Continue reading

John Ward – UK Economic Slump : A Recession Of Olympic Proportions – 25 July 2012

1-2-3, GDP, tell me please, what is Plan B?

Although the full ONS data aren’t live until 9.30 am BST today, there has as usual been Much-Leaking-in-the-Cabinet. Allegedly the numbers will show a 0.2% negative for GDP in Q2 2012. That follows 0.3% in Q1, and 0.4% in 2011 Q4. Do three Qs of negatives make a QE3? Not as far as the MPC’s vote last week is concerned, but then nobody has the answer to that equation. Continue reading

John Ward – 2 Episodes – HSBC & The Green Baron : He Will Claim Chinese Walls – And – Crash 2: Thank God It’s Friday? – 20 July 2012

HSBC & THE GREEN BARON: He will claim Chinese Walls

Very reliable sources around the retinue of Baron Green of Mexico, Bermuda & Switzlerland have told The Slog that the Jolly Green Vicar will claim that HSBC “was run entirely on Chinese walls, and thus one division never knew anything about what was going on”. Continue reading

John Ward – HSBC Under Baron Green : Senate Sub-Committee Releases The Full Strenght Of Criminality – Wrongdoing At HSBC Was No Innocent Mistake. Green ‘Warned in 2005’ – 19 July 2012

Following yesterday’s Slogpost on the subject of Tory Trade & Investment Minister Stephen Green’s time in charge of HSBC’s money laundering, tax-evading crooks clients, jawslog@gmail.com has been inundated with helpful snippets, hints and inside stuff on the workings of the bank during its Mexican Marching Powder, Russian Mafiosi, and Swiss Fraudster years. Continue reading

John Ward – Exclusive : How HSBC Drug-Lord Money Laundering Points The Finger At Another Senior Conservative – Trade & Investment Minister Stephen Green – How Could He Not Have Known? – 18 July 2012

Baron Green of Hurstpierpoint

How Green took specific interest in Bermuda, Mexico & Switzerland

Just when we thought the ethical limbo dancing of the banks couldn’t get any lower, up popped HSBC to agree a ‘no contest’ against charges of money laundering for Mexican drug lords and Iranian bombers. And just when you thought Camerlot surely couldn’t fit another implicated Minister into the frame, up pops Stephen Green – Baron Green of Hurstpierpoint, David Cameron’s Minister of Trade & Investment across both the Business and Foreign Office ministries. Continue reading