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Lisa Gawlas – The Song Of Creation Comes Thru YOU!! – 31 October 2014

lisagawlas2Before I get into the extraordinary information that came thru the connections yesterday, the additional information of how we work now, I want to talk about my own personal experience yesterday, because I know it all ties in together.

I had to go back to the Cancer Center yesterday to release some of the increased amounts of red blood that my body seemed to make as it decreased my white blood.  All I could think of is a teeter-tater effect in my body, one goes down, the other must go up.  Since this is no different from giving blood at the red cross, I had no anxiety around the procedure, I had given blood lots of time thru my life.  Instead of a stab in the ass, my oncologist sent me to the phlebotomy lab to be drained.  By body wanted nothing to do with it and even tho they tapped my veins several times, my blood would not flow into that little bag for a fill up.  I requested a two-day reprieve that was granted and I went back yesterday. Continue reading