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Lucas – The Spinning Backwards To Go Forward – Contradiction In Terminis – 29 December 2012

bikeThe new messages of the denial that things have not happened on the 21st December are coming in masses. Also people who said to be “lightworkers”  and to be in unity still get not their fears out of their way and  keep clinging to their attachments in 3D. They still create new obstacles and obstructs or create new limitations and dogmas, religious follower groups that state to be only love.  It is not wanting to confront their egos and attachments that lets them deny to see their true selves from going within in their hearts.  So people in 3D mind thinking still are confused what is needed to get change on the way. What it is not is to still play out the old paradigm in the old 3D thinking way. It is by looking to create new things, solutions from a new paradigm and 5D perspective that we will get change. Continue reading