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Lisa Gawlas – The Tree Of Life And The Spark Of Life – 3 September 2013

lisagawlas2I have been wanting to write about something for the past month or so, I just wasn’t sure how to tie it all in with what we are currently experiencing now, but yet, it hung there in the forefront of my mind…. waiting.  Waiting, I suppose, for today.

In January 2001, I quite my job and invested every single moment of my day into mySelf.  Meditating 4-5 times a day for two hour intervals at a time.  I didn’t understand half of what I was experiencing and actually, didn’t really care.  All I knew, were there were people, Beings that only I could see while emerged in my bathtub that loved me unconditionally.  I would have done anything, gone anywhere to feel loved, truly loved without any judgement.  So when my Pleiadian friends started to show up, I felt like I reached some sort of heaven within myself.  Their understanding of love and non-judgement was, well… humbling and awe inspiring.  Their fluid interactions within my internal world of meditation allowed me to go and experience life beyond the earth realm.  There is an image, and experience that they showed me that has stayed with over the last 12 years.  What they showed me seemed to be in complete contrast to who they were and what I was understanding about the Pleiadian planet (back then, I had no idea there was actually 7 planets that made up the Pleiades.) Continue reading