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Lucas – The Visits To The Pope Keep Continuing…- 4 February 2014

Lucas :After Francois Hollande, Obama and now the Queen announce their visits to the pope it is becoming clear it is not some polite visit but more a summons to appear for the Pope.  The only thing it can be about is the changing systems and the demise of the old ways… We will see others going or following soon.

Queen Elizabeth II to visit Vatican in April

2014-02-04 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, will visit the Vatican and meet Pope Francis on Thursday, April 3. A statement from her Press Secretary states the Queen is coming to Rome in response to a lunch invitation from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, and she is using the visit to Italy as an “opportunity to meet Pope Francis for the first time.” Queen Elizabeth II met with Pope Benedict XVI during his state visit to Great Britain in 2010.

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