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Jamye Price – The Weekly Lightblast – Freedom Is Within -5 July 2012

It can get rather frustrating feeling Free in this experience of life on Earth.  As you observe the world around you, restrictions are found everywhere.  Some are physical, some are emotional/mental.  Most societies aren’t set up for Freedom, they are developed to constrain people into certain behaviors that seem to promote unity and progress, though often that unity has its separation and that progress has its winners and losers.  The one that is Free Within is Free in any circumstance.  Freedom among the limitations of the experiences around you is what life on Earth is constantly bringing to your awareness.  Form is a limitation of sorts, and what a glorious limitation it is! Continue reading

Jamye Price – The Weekly Lightblast – God Reflection – 28 June 2012

The mirror.  It’s easy to focus on what is in front of your eyes, it’s even easy to resonate to a lovely spiritual teaching you hear, read or feel.  What takes effort is to see beyond the obvious and to apply spiritual practice without judgment, expectation or obedience.  To see Divinity in each moment, each experience, each person, each challenge, each grain of dirt – that is God Reflection.  Different forms, different focus; yet God in form. Continue reading

Jamye Price – The Weekly Lightblast – Melt Your Walls – 26 April 2012

The heart action of April is giving way to the empowered wholeness of May.  How brave have you been?  Perfectly brave is the only truth, for you are a wise Being that seeks expansion and expression through Love’s Grace, even when that seems chaotic.  Last week’s Fellowship opened us to enjoying more of Life, more of the world, more of creation.  Continue reading

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Mean What You Say – 5 April 2012

April is about heart energy in action, so we begin with how we create with word.  Word is a directed energy stream that carries much energy because we take in the Breath of Life (from All Life), mix it within the full scope of our Beingness (which contains all information of our intention and resistance) and we propel it out in focused intent for new creation.  This is internal creation directed into the etheric field of response – the world around us.  To Mean What You Say is to be responsible for your creation and your complete vibration so that your intention is clear and your resistance is minimal or nill.  Continue reading

Jamye Price – The Weekly Lightblast – Free Flowing Creation – 29 March 2012

Freedom brings a flow that is necessary, but ultimately requires some direction for maximum benefit.  Creation is that direction.  Your power; innate, invisible and ineffable Truth, is the sacred mix of Freedom and Creation – allowing and directing, observing and choosing, sharing and consuming.  Life continues.  This mix of opposites, this mix of same is your full potential realized in form.  You are that and you become that continually.  This is your sacred breath, actively taken in for the air has no other desire than to fill all that would allow it.  A void is a desire, silent in its longing and open to share and be shared.  This is your sacred breath, actively sustained within, for the food of life is the intermingling – be it with self, other or ether.  Your Life sutstainment is as sacred as the release of separation, for you become One over and over in the sharing.  This is your sacred breath, actively released or life decays to destruction, only to be consumed by the hungry desire of another willing to live with a gusto that moves subtle into Life.  Be you the three of One or the liver of none, for your sacred breath will cleanse and enliven if you breathe with the courage of taking and the grace of sharing.  Choice and intent paint the scene.  That is Free Flowing Creation. Continue reading