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Lisa Gawlas – The New, The Wild, The Energy! Phew! – 26 September 2013

lisagawlas2Holy Moly man!!  (Yes, new times NEED new exclamation phrases!! smile.)  I must have put myself into a night school session at the last-minute (I must also procrastinate while I am out-of-body too!) to study up on the brand new language of Light that was going to be presented all damm day yesterday.  I woke up exhausted even tho I actually slept all night long.  I was so flipping tired I wasn’t 100% sure if I was going to be able to see at all, but I also came to find, there was a miraculous, energetic wind that came thru with each connection that was kinda like taking a hit of speed that wore off as soon as the connection ended.  I was so grateful for that!  But the imagery coming thru every reading, so brand new, even the light energy coming thru, that triggers the “feeling” of understanding, was way over my head new.  I must have been busy flirting in night school instead of paying attention to the language of light teacher!  Dammit! Continue reading