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Visionkeeper – The Wise Owl And The Mouse – 5 January 2013


For those who read the Oracle Report by Laura on a daily basis, we often hear her suggest that we be the wise owls in our trees looking out and paying attention to what is going on around us. I also think it is the mission of the wise owls to awaken others, at least those willing to listen and who seem interested in learning. Take time to be aware of those around you at all times and test the waters with them to see if they are open to waking up. Like I mentioned before, carry with you slips of paper with alternative website addresses to give them so they can research further on their own. Once we begin to go down the rabbit hole there is never a desire to turn back. Once we begin our journey down the hole, life changes forever. So just as the owl has taken time to alert the mouse to what it needs to know, we must do the same. Continue reading