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Cupcakes And Angels – Bella Capozzi – The Year Of The Heart – 24 January 2013

BellaCapozzi224799_548283278517283_1727707215_nWelcome to my new blog!

And yes, as you will soon see, this one is going to be a quite a bit different than my last one – The Angel Diaries.  My old blog was very well suited to the place we were at in 2012.  But 2013 is a whole new ballgame.  It’s unique and unlike any other year we’ve experienced so far.  It’s shaping up to be a year of action, of taking charge of our own destinies and co-creating with Spirit the best possible world for ourselves, our families and for Humanity as a whole.  It’s all  about world peace.  Self-expression.  The emergence and empowerment, at long last, of the Divine Feminine.  It’s about equality and abundance for all.  It’s about the cultivation of our dreams.  Simply put, 2013 is the Year of the Heart. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Year Of The Heart – 22 February 2012

God said:

You have picked up that glorious peace is on its way, full-steam ahead. A union of hearts is on the march. Hearts are on the rise. Hearts are surpassing the mind. Thoughts are following hearts. Hearts are leading. You exemplify My heart and My thoughts. You have picked up the beat. You are drum majorettes of love. Hear My heart. You hear the rumble of My thoughts. You are listening for it. Hearts bow down in love as hearts rise up in love. Continue reading