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And the show goes on! Changes have to take place. Do the right thing.

In reading the latest news of the day of 18th august 2011 I see a lot that is making my warning bells tick. Cameron shouting for harder sentencing by the courts in the riot cases.  Also the misconduct case of the MET Police in the case of the News of the World scandal ends with clearing all officers in the case.

The real message of this all is what is behind all this news. It’s a show that has been going on.UKs hope for doing the right thing is gone. I do not see a new policy in the making and debate opened about the reasons behind the riots, nor is there any real urge to make the Murdoch scandal a clean up of more things that are wrong and people have to put up with.

No, only control issues are addressed. Keeping the people in check is the only thing happening.  The hidden agendas of the few in power still are merely shown. A debt crisis that can’t  be solved with any measures is not enough for a new way of thinking.

Changes need to be made in favour of freedom. No more controlling people. Prosperity for all and not the few is needed. A redistribution of all. A new money system without al the speculation and making money on lending and other services is needed.

We have to see that there is enough for everybody on this planet. Food, (Natural) Medicine, Water, Shelter, Clothing, Free-Energy, etc. We have to stop making money and monopolise everything. Sharing will be the new key to unlock. No more Egotistical  thinking of making profit on profit and enrichment over the death bodies of others. Profit does not equal Prosperity for all in this World. No more patenting and octroi in place. Knowledge and developments need to be open source, shared and freely available for all.

But I will stop here in mentioning  a long list of things we can change to make the world really a better World and Earth for all and keeping a balance that our Earth can sustain. Let us see if that what is wrong can’t  be ment.  If it can’t be ment its broke and you have to make new things. That is also true for great philosophers and ideas as we evolve  you need to change thinking. The facts and developments show it. I just say to the people in power of this World: “Do the right thing, NOW!

Love and Light,



After S&P Downgrade, Chicagoans Take to Streets, Demand Arrest of Bankers

Immediately following the announcement of the S&P downgrade, defiant Chicagoans took the the streets and demanded the arrest of the Bankers and an the end of the Federal Reserve system. This was never covered on any news outlet.

via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

Wanderer of the Skies – August 10, 2011

Wanderer of the Skies – August 10, 2011.

Is NESARA advancing on the horizon?

When I heard the news today and read between the lines when China criticised the USA on their downgrading triple A status and their troubles getting the debt in control as well as the US dollar stable.

In the following quotes you can see the call for one stable global currency (courtesy of uk.reuters.com) :

China roundly condemned the United States for its “debt addiction” and “short sighted” political wrangling and said the world needed a new stable global reserve currency.

“China, the largest creditor of the world’s sole superpower, has every right now to demand the United States address its structural debt problems and ensure the safety of China’s dollar assets,” the Xinhua commentary said.

It urged the United States to cut military and social welfare expenditure. It also said further credit downgrades would very likely undermine the world economic recovery and trigger new rounds of financial turmoil.

“International supervision over the issue of U.S. dollars should be introduced and a new, stable and secured global reserve currency may also be an option to avert a catastrophe caused by any single country,” Xinhua said.

British business minister Vince Cable backed China’s call for a new stable global reserve currency but said that for the moment the U.S. dollar remained key.

The whole article is found here: link Reuters article sat. 6 August 2011

When I read the above I had to think that there is a call for an urgent stable and secured global reserve currency, It is not so much this but the cry for a stable and global currency that is the first step towards what is coming.  A new financial system now the world (former) leading economies and currencies are failing.

I  see NESARA advancing on the horizon, do you see it also.

Love and Light,


Benjamin Fulford, August 2, 2011… COMPLETE!!! | 2012: How is it happening? What’s the ‘real’ truth?



Benjamin Fulford, August 2, 2011… COMPLETE!!! | 2012: How is it happening? What’s the ‘real’ truth?. Via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

Keeping yourselves in the Light!

Keep Yourselves in the Light!

I know how difficult it can be not being sucked into the negative stream. Stopping one self  being negative when one is  agitated, or disappointed, one is being done injustice or called names, one is not being recognised for  what you are or do, one being in tears and sorrow or pain over the losses when disaster struck all that is a heavy burden.  So I know how it feels to lose control over things and not being able to do anything about them.

In those times it is an achievement to stay calm, centered and in the Light.  But it will help you see things in perspective and in the Now.  It helps if you try to avoid the negative sources that triggered those emotions or feelings. A lot of negativity is often reinforced by the media. So if you can then let not the news and papers you feed more feelings and emotions that are negative. And never feed fear. Where there is Light, there cannot be darkness. Where there is unconditional Love nothing will perish and  will be shown. You will be helped if you open up to that what the Source you has to give and is in abundance  for everyone available.

See the dark tunnel that shows its end  as a bright light. Just  think of that light not being far away but in front of you in the beginning of that tunnel. See how you can take things that seem so unreachable for you at a  grasp. The Now is where you have to be and stay. Live the moment and what has been is yesterdays news. What is going to be is the future and not Now.

Keeping yourselves in the Light is what you need to do and even if you  are trying and don´t succeed at first keep trying. You will make it.

Love and Light,


Suzanne Spooner: The True Nature of the Debt-Ceiling Agreement






Suzanne Spooner: The True Nature of the “Debt-Ceiling Agreement”. via SteveBeckow.com

Golden Oldie – Dramatised – UFOs: The True Story of Flying Saucers (1956)

This was posted by Gerard Aartsen Alslo a writer of books on George Adamski. Here’s something to watch tonight, a “golden oldie” – a dramatized reconstruction of a reporter’s investigation into *the* subject of the 1950s: “UFOs: The True Story of the Flying Saucers” (1956; courtesy of Neil Gould who dug it up somewhere…)

Wanderer of the Skies – August 2, 2011

Wanderer of the Skies – August 2, 2011. via Galacticchannelings.com

The Sighting of the New!

As I am more and more aware of the news and things happening in favour of a new positive growth of our light and love in the world, I had to tell you about the things happening. Somethings are worked out on a higher level and if you see that then it will be clear to you that we are growing fast towards our ascension.

I for example see  the Norwegian people’s reaction after the bombing and shooting as a step forward for humanity, because of  not retaliating and not letting fear take over. This is what the Norwegian people did for us all. We are growing stronger in the light every day now.

See the things changing around you. More and more things that couldn’t be told are brought before us. The dark ones are being caught in the act or are being unveiled for what they are. The controlling of people by fear, policing, military interventions,or black ops is under scrutiny. The cost of things like wars and military are under attack now the system of control by money and greed is coming to an end. The system fails and is holding to a thin string of the last banking rule of the world.

Also a lot of other systems connected to the money and power systems are failing or are under discussion. The governments, policymakers, politicians, bankers, monopolists and multinationals and secret societies will slowly disintegrate.

People want to be heard again and want their birthrights of free will and choice of the self back. People want a stop to corruption, fraud, lies, secrecy. People want a stop of unfair laws, taxes, rules that are put upon them only to control them.

New local alternative money systems, ways of green living, eating and growing foods, alternative power supplies not in the hand of a few is whats emerging now for some years.

This all mentioned is “The Sighting of the New” to come. I will be soon. There will be peace. equality, free will, all basic needs for everybody in the world covered and sharing is the keyword. The few will not control anymore the world but the many will be one in oneness living the new reality of  5 D Earth and the ascension of those of the light and unconditional love.

So rejoice. The hour is near and we are going to see the new crown of light of oneness and love transforming the world.

Love and light,