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TheEconomist – The Berlusconi Case : Final Appeal – 31 July 2013

Berlusconi_smallTHERE is a double irony about the supreme court hearing that began in Rome on July 30th, in which Italy’s former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi (pictured), is making a final appeal against his conviction for tax evasion. If the court were to uphold his conviction it could put an unbearable strain on Enrico Letta’s left-right government. Mr Berlusconi’s People of Freedom (PdL) movement is a junior, but essential, partner in the coalition.

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TheEconomist – The Rocky Road To Sochi – Counting The Cost – 16 July 2013

https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTCjWu89_dIq-7sOTCPsXlFyjbO-mRxsCBEj9PjgHNAq43jdh7VUA(Lucas :  The Brazilian demonstrations over the social injustice triggered by  FIFA’s  World Soccer championship Tournament and the  profitable laws made  for FIFA, sponsors and politicians especially shows the corruption and greed incorporated in this. It makes  the next world event to be questioned also. The Russian Sochi as Winter Olympics is one example : it took now by estimate 50 Billion to build.  These world sports events and their organizations have already been questioned a lot in the past but it is also time that the corruption, greed and monopolistic behaviour of those corporations  (world sports event organizers often are operating  under the flag of a movement to make it more acceptable and let people think it is not about profit!) are brought back to what they should be:  sporting events for everyone to attend as a competitor as a visitor or as a fan and or supporter. You can not “sell” this anymore to the people of this world. “Sell” says enough as it is really what those events should not be about in first place. If even bids for olympics or Wold Soccer championships take lots of money to even get noticed or make a chance you should lift your eyebrows.  It shows how these professional sports and sporting events have become totally out of contact with reality.  Also know there is no normal sanity in payments, salaries and benefits in any other way from the organizing companies and the professional sportsmen. It is not normal to see for example soccer clubs go dead as financial requirements,  salary payments and other regulations of the FIFA (and their country subisidaries) are making it into a game for just the owners of soccer clubs or those clubs or countries that have the most money to keep their clubs alive. The sports have become businesses and often monopolized. People do not see the real face of the sport anymore. Also a lot is monopolized to the few global media barons that have control over the mainstream media that cash in on more and more copyrights for distribution and viewing these events when you can not physically be there!.  Also the businesses in the country of an organized event do not benefit from the event  in equal portion. The events are restricted to have only total benefit to sponsors of the event to sell or re-sell in and outside the events actual premisses and promote themselves around the venue. Changing laws by politicians  to maximise the profits is  often a requirement in the accepting of a bid. This means your country could be underwriting a bid which actually says we will set democracy aside and accept by contract those requirements like having immunity from prosecution for the organizers, tax exemption, total monopoly from sponsors for the period of the event, etc. Equal access to events for business and  people is not guaranteed. The tickets are overpriced and get also sold on black markets , etc. Lots of seating rows in stadiums fully booked by corporate sponsors that do not show up as building venues are only prestige projects that often stay unused after the events have passed. Total relics of insanity. This is the same with the  Olympics. It shows how totally unreal these events are. So remember not to cheer for all that so-called we are one world and unity  crap they spread as just hollow words. They only have the monetizing and financial gain in mind. They sell their “morals” to what ever flag they can sell their venue. See the things for what they are and know. Do not comply or help those venues to stay this way.  If it is not in the interest of all people equally as these events are promoted as world events. )

OUR correspondents discuss Russia’s troubled preparations for next year’s winter Olympics in Sochi

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