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TheGuardian – Ed Miliband To Announce Plans For Banking Reform – 15 January 2014

The Guardian UK

Move designed to show Labour would undertake long-term structural reforms to the British economy
Patrick Wintourtheguardian.com, Wednesday 15 January 2014 01.10 GMT

Ed Miliband is set to make plans to cap the size of British banks and introduce greater banking competition a central feature of a major speech on Friday in a bid to move on from the cost of living agenda that he set at the Labour conference.

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TheGuardian – Tony Abbott Urged To Rethink Climate Policy After Hottest Year On Record – 6 January 2014

The Guardian

(Lucas comment : It seems after all the revealing of the contrary evidence of how the global warming issue is brought to us as being man-made is obscure and falsified science. The only yes, I can give to that is that governments like Australia’s one have not told you about their continuous climate changing geoengineering and weather modification. And one of the large fires last year was caused by a military “accident”. Really if you still read the mainstream media you will get responses for those opposing the lie : as being people with tinfoil hats or those opposing the warming climate lie science and cover-up story being called terrorists or insane etc. It is part of the discrediting campaign to make those opposing look silly.  People that have read my blog and so many others will have by now understood the warming global earth climate story caused by CO2 gasses etc. is wrong. Just get reading alternative news and get discerning yourselves instead of believing the old regurgitated fables. Better even do not read, listen and see any mainstream news anymore.)

PM called ‘reckless ideologue who ignores science and is intent on listening to people who are part of the tinfoil hat brigade’

, political correspondent

Tony Abbott’s political opponents have seized on confirmation that 2013 was Australia’s hottest year on record, arguing it should compel the prime minister to abandon his plans to scrap the nation’s carbon pricing laws.

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TheGuardian – EU Ministers Seal Banking Agreement On Eve Of Brussels Summit – 19 December 2013

The Guardian

Finance ministers say they have reached deal after lengthy negotiations on how to deal with failing banks in the eurozone

EU finance ministers announced late on Wednesday night that they had reached agreement on a new system for dealing with eurozone banks, under intense pressure to seal the accord on their new flagship policy in advance of a two-day Brussels summit opening on Thursday.

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TheGuardian – Vatican Clean-Up ‘Has Not Sorted Out Scandal-Hit Bank And Asset Managers’ – 14 December 2013

The Guardian

Council of Europe body finds Holy See regulators need more resources as more reports tell of suspect transactions
The Vatican‘s efforts to clean up its financial institutions were welcomed in a report by a Council of Europe body, published on Thursday. But the authors expressed surprise that the Holy See’s regulators had not done full inspections of the Vatican bank or of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See, which manages the papacy’s assets.

TheGuardian – Ireland To Become First Country To Exit Eurozone Bailout – 13 December 2013

The Guardian

As Fine Gael-Labour government says austerity has successfully restored confidence, Sinn Fein says troika mindset remains


Ireland will become the first eurozone country to exit a stringent bailout programme this weekend, as the €85bn (£72bn) loan facility orchestrated by the International Monetary Fund, the European commission and the European Central Bank formally expires.

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TheGuardian – This Transatlantic Trade Deal Is A Full-Frontal Assault On Democracy – 6 November 2013

The Guardian

(Lucas : I have been saying the TT(i)P would bring in all the bad stuff just via the backdoor by a trade agreement… it is the way the non-democratic not chosen EU came about via a first trade deal and built thereon further trade deals, multi-lateral agreements and treaties.  I have been saying that with lots of others for some time now but it seems now the mainstream media get also panicking as it sets aside “democracy”  if you still perceive we have democracy and not already see we live in a corporate fiction that uses its people as the asset and slaves for some that get the total control and benefit over all. Glad you awaked The Guardian are you now really going to report on what is and isn’t  like the alternative press, bloggers and websites now do already for years with lots of difficulties!! )

Brussels has kept quiet about a treaty that would let rapacious companies subvert our laws, rights and national sovereignty

Remember that referendum about whether we should create a single market with the United States? You know, the one that asked whether corporations should have the power to strike down our laws? No, I don’t either. Mind you, I spent 10 minutes looking for my watch the other day before I realised I was wearing it. Forgetting about the referendum is another sign of ageing. Because there must have been one, mustn’t there? After all that agonising over whether or not we should stay in the European Union, the government wouldn’t cede our sovereignty to some shadowy, undemocratic body without consulting us. Would it?

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TheGuardian – US And Italian Government Turmoil Hits Markets – 30 September 2013

The Guardian

We might have expected a bigger market reaction to the prospect of the Italian government imploding.

I mean, a 2% drop on the Milan stock market is serious, but not actually deadly. Likewise, Italian borrowing costs have jumped, but are still below the 5% mark — let alone the 7% ‘danger zone’.

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TheGuardian – Lehman Brothers Collapse: Five Years On, We’re Still Feeling The Shockwaves – 13 September 2013

The Guardian

Lehman’s trillion-dollar bankruptcy shook the foundations of the global economy. Larry Elliott retraces the reverberations

Green shoots of recovery were bursting out all over as Mark Carney, the new governor of the Bank of England, presented his first health check on the UK economy. Napoleon hungered for “lucky generals” and George Osborne appeared to have followed the Bonapartist doctrine to the letter when he poached Carney from the Bank of Canada.

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TheGuardian – Graeme Wearden – European Central Bank Chief Rules Out Debt Relief Lifeline For Greece – 6 September 2013

The Guardian

Greece faces a funding gap of up to €11bn in second half of 2014, but Mario Draghi says ECB will not take part in any debt restructuring

The head of the European Central Bank has ruled out handing Greece a debt relief lifeline, hours after the head of the eurozone finance ministers admitted that Athens will need additional aid next year.

ECB president Mario Draghi was adamant that the ECB would not participate in any debt restructuring, despite growing speculation that Greece will be unable to fully return to the financial markets when its current bailout ends in 2014.

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TheGuardian – SXKeyscore: NSA Tool Collects ‘Nearly Everything A User Does On The Internet’ – 1 August 2013

theguardianA top secret National Security Agency program allows analysts to search with no prior authorization through vast databases containing emails, online chats and the browsing histories of millions of individuals, according to documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The NSA boasts in training materials that the program, called XKeyscore, is its “widest-reaching” system for developing intelligence from the internet.

The latest revelations will add to the intense public and congressional debate around the extent of NSA surveillance programs. They come as senior intelligence officials testify to the Senate judiciary committee on Wednesday, releasing classified documents in response to the Guardian’s earlier stories on bulk collection of phone records and Fisa surveillance court oversight.

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