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TheHuffingtonPost – Jennifer Bendery – House Democrat Readies Bill To Demilitarize Local Police – 16 August 2014

TheHuffingtonPost – This 3D Printer, Capable Of Building A House In A Day, Could Change Construction Forever – 22 January 2014

The Huffington Post

(Lucas : It seems after reporting on the 3D printer and printing revolution for some time mainstream media is also picking up on it. There is already so much more in development in some many other fields than building, just follow the alternative news on it.)

By Kathleen Miles

Imagine being able to lease a 3D printer to build your entire house.

The technology, called Contour Crafting, is already here and can build a 2,500-square-foot home in 20 hours.

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TheHuffingtonPost – Richard (RJ) Eskow – Senators Tell Obama to Abandon His Social Security ‘Mistake’ – 15 January 2014

The Huffington Post

Democrats have been pleading with President Obama not to cut Social Securityfor years. Until now, most of the public pleas have come from Democratic voters. Now they’re coming from Democratic senators.

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TheHuffingtonPost – JPMorgan’s $13 Billion Deal With DOJ At Risk – 30 October 2013

The Huffington Post

JPMorgan Chase’s $13 billion settlement with Justice Department is at risk of collapsing, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

Two separate issues have caused the rift, according to Reuters:

In a draft settlement circulated late on Sunday, JPMorgan sought a provision that effectively shut down any criminal inquiries into the bank’s packaging and sale of mortgage securities, apart from an investigation by California prosecutors that the bank has already disclosed, one of the people said. The bank had previously agreed to keep all criminal probes out of the settlement, the person added.

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TheHuffingtonPost – Why Democrats Might Cave On Social Security Cuts – 21 October 2013

The Huffington Post

(Lucas : And the fake game goes on like nothing happened as the system is crashing behind the scenes and preparations for it are made…. Wake up!)

By Zach Carter

WASHINGTON — Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) on Sunday opened the door to Social Security cuts as part of a budget deal with congressional Republicans. But Durbin pushed back against GOP calls for entitlement cuts as the negotiating price to curb or extinguish the economically damaging sequester cuts.

“If this is the bargain that the Republicans are now pushing for, that we have to cut Medicare to avoid cuts at the Department of Defense, they need to take a step back,” Durbin said on “Fox News Sunday.”

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TheHuffingtonPost – Boehner To Bow? Senate Steps In… Deal ‘Imminent’… Boehner May Be Ready To Move Quickly… ‘Time To Roll Over’… McCain: ‘Republicans Have To Understand We Lost This Battle’… GOP Congresswoman: It’s Time ‘To Face Reality’… – 16 October 2013

The Huffington Post

BLOWUP: Another House GOP Implosion!… Republicans Stunned… ‘The Final Spasm Of A Still-Fresh Corpse’… GOP Rep: ‘This Party Is Going Nuts’…

The government shutdown is entering week three as lawmakers continue to debate a deal on spending.

Also looming is a Thursday deadline on raising the debt ceiling.

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TheHuffingtonPost – Ex- JPMorgan Employees To Be Arrested Over ‘London Whale’ Scandal : Report – 10 August 2013

The Huffington Post

Two former JPMorgan Chase employees are expected to be arrested for their role in the so-called “London Whale” scandal that lost the bank roughly $6.2 billion last year, The New York Times reports. The arrest of the employees, Javier Martin-Artajo and Julien Grout, will reportedly take place in London.

Not among those expected to be charged is the London Whale himself, one Bruno Iksil, who built up the massive positions in the derivatives market that eventually cost the bank billions, according to a Reuters report published Thursday. According to a later report, Iksil will have to play a key role in any arrests related to the scandal.

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TheHuffingtonPost – Ocean Robbins – Stunning Ag-gag Bill News – 6 August 2013


Amy Meyer wanted to see for herself where her food was coming from. But in the state of Utah, she discovered, that was against the law.

On February 8, Meyer drove to Dale Smith Meatpacking Company in Draper City, Utah, and took a look from the side of the road. She gasped as she peered through the barbed wire fence and saw what appeared to be a sick cow being treated like rubble as it was carried in a tractor. So she did what many people would do in this day and age. She got out her smartphone to begin recording.

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