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To Fight ‘Epidemic’ Of Police Violence, New Bill Would Ban Chokeholds At Federal Level – 28 April 2015

RT logoA US Congressman from New York has announced new legislation that would ban police officers across the country from using chokeholds on suspects – an effort that he said is aimed at stopping an “epidemic” of police violence.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-Brooklyn), who is sponsoring legislation called the “Excessive Use of Force Prevention Act,” is scheduled to introduce the bill on Tuesday. If passed, the bill would make the use of a chokehold a civil rights violation, thus enabling the Department of Justice to more easily charge offending police officers with a crime.

Civil rights charges are particularly difficult for the federal government to bring against law enforcement, since the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a suspect’s civil rights were willfully violated in order to land a conviction.

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CCTV Video Captures Ottawa Gunman’s Parliament Rampage – 24 October 2014

With Canada’s capital was left shaken by a double shooting, surveillance footage has appeared detailing the gunman’s movements as he took down Army Reservist Corporal Nathan Cirillo and prepared to storm the parliament building.

On Wednesday morning, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, approached the National War Memorial in Ottawa where reservist Nathan Cirillo was standing guard with a purely-ceremonial weapon. The assailant opened fire on the guard with a hunting rifle identified by police as a 30-30 Winchester lever-action gun. He shot at another guard, but missed before sprinting to a beige car, purchased the day before the attack, and taking off.

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TheIndependent – Fall In Living Standards Can No Longer Be Justified As ‘An Unfortunate Necessity,’ Says TUC’s Frances O’Grady – 7 September 2014

The Independent

Poll reveals that almost three-fifths of workers believe that the wage gap between top executives and low-ranging workers is too great

TheIndependent – MPs’ Pay Rise 2014: Head Of Expenses Watchdog Says ‘Miserly’ £67,000 Salary Should Be Increased – 7 September 2014

The Independent

Marcial Boo said the new salary of £74,000 was ‘not excessive’

TheIndependent – Killing Of A British Hostage By Isis Would Shift Opinion On Air Strikes In Iraq And Syria – 3 September 2014

The Independent

(Lucas : If you are really watching and seeing than you will know they do everything to ready you mindset to war and the necessity of it… Of course you are responsible enough not to go for the even nasty things killings fake or not that will with all the war talk propaganda and talk of terror threats want you to be following their lead into war.  If you did read outside the mainstream media and researched you would likely see that things are not as they seem. Who funded created those groups…? Do we need conflicts that we have no part in and are dragged into by those who made those conflicts happen in the first place for their own agendas! Wake up and stop supporting your governments and war mongering politicians and organizations of war or those who think problems can be solved in getting a war. Are you ready to get out of the old cycles and say no and do something different and built within your community together a new paradigm for all in abundance and with equal access  for all. Have a new mindset that sees we all are just humans that can live together as individuals without all that power control and gain and  working only for the I, self-interest and your profit or for your benefit.)

PM condemns the apparent beheading of US journalist Steven Sotloff ‘an absolutely disgusting and despicable act’

By Andrew Grice

The confirmation that a Briton could be the next hostage to be killed by Isis will put the spotlight on the Government’s strategy for handling such crises.

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TheIndependent – Madeline McCann Investigation Was ‘Held Back By Competing Crime Agencies’ – 2 September 2014

The Independent

So many British agencies got involved in search it created ‘frustration and resentment’ among Portuguese police, report says

By Kunul Dutta

The competition between British police and crime agencies to be involved in the search for Madeleine McCann has hampered the investigation into her disappearance, according to the findings of an unpublished Home Office report.

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TheIndependent – Majority Of Britons Opposed To Bombing Isis But David Cameron Leaves The Door To Action Open – 2 September 2014

The Independent

Poll shows British public’s support for military action is weak but Prime Minister will not rule out supporting US

By Andrew Grice and Nigel Morris

Only one in three people supports Britain launching air strikes against Isis in Iraq and Syria, according to a survey for The Independent.

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TheIndependent – Rotherham Child Sexual Abuse Scandal – The Lessons: We Need Solutions, Not Scapegoats – 31 August 2014

The Independent

(Lucas: Excuse me, what Scapegoats ?! We need real justice and all corruption and abuse of power, in politics, police and justice system removed and boned to the core to get this child abuse and child sex rings really destroyed. We need all those wrongfully held in prison or convicted for exposing the truth and all those involved knowingly to be brought to a real court of common law justice where a jury will hear the evidence and see to it that justice will be done. We need to take those out that allow via speech, common purpose or manipulation to make child sex and the abuse into a normal accepted fact… in lowering the age or proposing the age of consent or even making sex and porn into movies and films on the tv in children’s programmes normal. We need to get back to parents doing the parenting and not institutions that for money get children in getting them into CPS or put them in institutes that abuse them also. We need to stop the full-scale hollowing out of the common law system. Police forces that do not even know what the law is and are only badly trained into more and more also using direct force or use weapons against humans instead of keeping the peace.  There is so much that is in need of changing. Start with your local communities and your so-called democratic municipalities and or representative bodies. )

By Paul Vallely

“Gang rape is a usual part of growing up round here,” one girl said, with chilling understatement, to the inquiry into child sex abuse in Rotherham which has shocked Britain.

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TheIndependent – South Yorkshire Police Officers ‘May Still Be Held Accountable’ – 29 August 2014

The Independent

By Paul Peachy

The Chief Constable of South Yorkshire police, David Crompton, apologised to the victims of child-sex exploitation in Rotherham and said officers could still be held accountable for the failures in bringing abusers to justice.

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TheIndependent – Rotherham Abuse Scandal: Former Rotherham Police Officer Charged With Child Sex Offence – 29 August 2014

The Independent

South Yorkshire Police did not reveal the November arrest until Thursday

By Kaskmira Gander

Quote: A South Yorkshire Police officer who was previously based in Rotherham, has been charged with a child sex offence, his force confirmed on Thursday.

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