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John Ward – The VIX FIX : First There Was Gold, Then There Was LIBOR, NOw THere Is Vix. Very Soon, Only Citizen Wealth-Apporpiation Will be Left… But What Happens To Consumption? – 31 December 2012

timmytoysThe Slog offers further reasons why ‘middle-squeezing’ will continue, America is in a corner, gold must rise dramatically before long, and the VIX is being cynically repressed by the US Federal Reserve.

VIX is the accepted acronym among stock market traders and other commentators for the Chicago Board Options Exchange Market Volatility Index, a popular measure of implied volatility. CHEBOOMVIX would’ve been more aptly onomatopoaeic but less memorable, so Vix it is. Basically, the VIX is a warning signal people use to suggest actual or approaching volatility, because it has norms. It is often referred to as the “investor fear gauge”. If there’s one thing sovereign States and bankers can’t abide, it’s fearful investors: cautious investors are bad for business. Continue reading