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TheOne-DreamDreamer – Sound Healing – Singing With The Uni_Verse – 15 January 2014


Our consciousness creates the notes but our body(s) are the instruments! Take care of both and enjoy your Divine music!

You are a song. Divine Music that defines your particular notes is constantly emitted by your being. Your movements, thoughts, words, feelings and emotions create waves in and around your physical body. And the waves are huge. Cause you are huge, in truth.

Your music creates colors and shades of different light-spectrums, the speed at which you’re vibrating at any given moment… creates seas of rainbows… or shadows. Continue reading


TheOne-DreamDreamer – The ArtWork Of ‘Past Lives’ – 14 January 2014



Every life a different color, texture, sound.

You feel they’re “out there”, somewhere, in the past, in “other lives”…

But it’s you. All of you. An artwork of GOD. Such beauty in you that it’s barely possible to discern one color/tone (life) from another one. They make up the picture that is the you you are experiencing now. It is your life, your Now Moment, expression of human and spiritual Self. Continue reading

TheOne-DreamDreamer – Ask And You Shall Receive – 15 December 2013


How often have you heard or read this sentence? How many have told you to simply “ask, and you shall receive”. And you wondered… why am I not getting what I asked for? Why, if I so deeply believe in it? And how many have shown you -or at least told you- how it works and what it really means beyond the linear 3D human mind? What is meant with “ask, and you shall receive. Continue reading

TheOne-DreamDreamer – What If The Christ Would Come For Dinner? – 25 October 2013


What would you do with your house? How would you present it? What would you have for dinner, even if you are scarse of food? Would you have things look nice or would you complain for not having enough?

How would you dress and present yourself? Would you look after yourself for the occasion? Get the best you have or just do your everyday stuff?

Would you invite friends, family, neighbors? Or would you stay alone? Continue reading

TheOne-DreamDreamer – The Love Entanglement Of Your Many Self – 22 October 2013


It is a Dance, a Dance of Love. Pure Love. For Love is the only Key needed to access your Self, to Be beyond the illusionary veil between you and You. For Love has a specific Harmonic that is the cornerstone of all Creation. That is why it opens ALL doors. Even those that do not exist. What a Miracle is this!

So what does it mean to become MultiDimensional? To re-Member your many Self? To Dance with them? With You? It means to cross the Bridge of linearity and step into your MultiDimensional nature. Which you are becoming. Right Now. Continue reading

TheOne-DreamDreamer – Ever Wondered What The Three Of Life Represents? – 18 October 2013



All the many You that share a Soul (the trunk) and experience hundreds of lives (the leaves).

And the Soul you’re a fractal of is simply your Higher Self. The You that is not split into all the pieces, the You that Sees and OverSees all at once. The You that is never on this side of the veil and at the same time always is.

Still You.

It all Is You. Continue reading

TheOne-DreamDreamer – TRUTH Is… You Really Want To BE It! – 14 October 2013


The human experience!

It is only a matter of remembering it… remembering why we came. Not to separate the spirit from the human but for the exact opposite reason: to merge Spirit with human. To Em-body as much Spirit as possible. How can it be any different? What would be the spiritual logic of em-bodying part of our Spirit-Soul in to a human body if the final goal was to leave it? To disregard it? To run away from it? To do anything we can to get out of it?

It makes no sense… And this is the real challenge! Understand… Continue reading

TheOne-DreamDreamer – You Are Not Special… You Are Perfect! – 25 September 2013


And any other thought you have about your self is not real and talks about the dream you are dreaming. Whatever you feel of your self but perfection is not TRUTH. For you are, ALL are, a perfect reflection of Creation.


For how could GOD (eternal Principle, Source, whatever Name you give to the Primal Creational Essence) create any thing not as Perfect as Itself? Not containing everything IT contains? Not being everything IT is? Continue reading

TheOne-DreamDreamer – The Sin Of Sins – 7 September 2013

The Sin Of Sins

We walk in a world full of mistakes… most religions create mind programs that are put deep into people’s consciousness for their entire lives… and they are wrong. And that one mistake alone has created more damage to the human race than many others put together. The mistake is about the true meaning of the word SIN.

How much guilt, sorrow, despair, fear has the human consciousness been infused with that word? How terrible is any god that has been dressed with that fear?

“If you sin you go to hell”. True. Given that the real meaning of the hebrew word sin means nothing but Continue reading

TheOne-DreamDreamer – Get The “I” Out Off The Way… Why??? – 28 August 2013

So God gave you a body, a separated body! only to deny it.
It gave you personality, only to deny it.
It gave you Gifts, simply to ignore them; and the same happens with your needs…
You are not special, nor are you different. There’s no thing in you that makes YOU the way YOU are. There’s only a bunch of spiritual “I-less” robots walking around the planet and following the good guru instructions. (ones that, for some reason, always seem to have an “I”!)