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John Ward – Bernanke’s ‘New-Style’ QE – Why It Won’t Produce An Alternative Future : Without Massive Debt Forgiveness And A New Capitalist Model, There Is No Alternative Future – 16 September 2012

(Lucas : Comment on this article titel: There are for sure other models than capitalist models to create a new alternative future that need not be communist or socialist labeled. The already in place and working for some time alternative exchange and money systems all over the world are example to that.  Keywords:  sharing, value backed  or accepted as such in a chosen form, in service of  the community and for all its needs, commerce without debt and interest. It seems being stuck in the old paradigm system, makes thinking out of the box/ matrix needed.  Commerce does not equal whatever people like to label on things. If the premiss is sharing all wealth and abundance in harmony and peace a new system will be different from all that have been around for centuries. Maybe if people see things different, have a new mindset, awaken,  there is no need for money and systems at all.)

The US public debt climbed to $14.58 trillion at the end of August 2012. This made it slightly bigger than the $14.53 trillion size of America’s GDP in 2010. Continue reading