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TheTimesOfIndia – Oil Slick Detected In Flight MH370 Search Area, Mini-Sub To Be Deployed Soon: Official – 14 April 2014

The Times Of India

PERTH, Australia: An Australian ship leading the hunt for missing Malaysian jet flight MH370 will deploy a mini-sub “as soon as possible”, the head of the search said on Monday.

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TheTimesOfIndia – North Korea Has Restarted Yongbyon Nuclear Reactor: US group – 12 September 2013

The Times Of India

(Lucas : It is clear that the war mongers and negative factions are still wanting to create a certain outcome as today this report on  North-Korea that of course was intended to trigger a USA reaction came in the news. All this  just happened after losing the Syria war option as people had said no more war and 9/11 was rememebered (the greatest atrocity invoked upon the people of the USA and the world by the ones in power still lying about it). Are the provocations and flag flags still coming or are ALL now ready to get around that table  with the rest of the world to make the world for all of us a better place not for some or some in power  or those having the money or maybe thinking to have the money or wanting still to have a hidden agenda pushed.)

WASHINGTON: Satellite imagery suggests North Korea has restarted a research reactor capable of producing plutonium for weapons at its Yongbyon nuclear complex, a US research institute and a US official said on Wednesday.

US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies said a satellite image from Aug. 31 shows white steam rising from a building near the hall that houses the plutonium production reactor’s steam turbines and electric generators.

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TheTimesOfIndia – Entertainer Rolf Harris Arrested Over Sex Offence Allegations – (Jimmy Saville Scandal) – 19 April 2013

220px-Rolf_HarrisLONDON: Rolf Harris, a veteran entertainer who has released hit singles and painted Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait, has been arrested as part of a police investigation into sexual abuse allegations stemming from the Jimmy Savile scandal, British media reported Friday.

Major media outlets followed Sun newspaper in identifying Harris, an Australian-born artist, musician and television host who is a household name in Britain. Continue reading