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TheTrumpet – EU – Maastricht’s Golden Fangs – 15 April 2013

516c1005!h.300,id.9001,m.fill,w.540A paper version of the Maastricht Treaty is stored 06 February 2007, almost 15 years after its signing, in a bank vault in the southern Dutch town.

( Lucas:  This article is written from a biblical interpretation perspective. It shows again an other perspective on the ongoing developments in our world.) Continue reading

TheTrumpet – Robert Morley – German Gold Repatration Signals Economic War – 24 January 2013

5100c17a!h.300,id.8801,m.fill,w.540Bars of gold are piled up during a press conference at the German Federal Bank in Frankfurt am Main, western Germany, on January 16. The German central Bundesbank said it will relocate gold stored in the United States and France.(FRANK RUMPENHORST/AFP/Getty Images) Continue reading