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John Ward – Bankers, Secretive Societies, Pan-European Maniancs : In Grasping At Everything, They Grasp Nothing – 1 August 2013

necrosNecrophilia on Wall Street, egomania at the BIS, false history from the EC

Miss America and Wall St….still on the job

From the Wall Street Journal:

Two major Wall Street firms are in detailed discussions to create and sell the world’s first bond backed by home-rental payments, people familiar with the matter say. Investors still are hungry for the high returns that are likely to accompany a first-of-its-kind deal, which would be viewed as more risky than well-known securities. The top-rated slice could receive a rating as high as single-A or triple-B from some of the credit-rating firms, some of the people familiar with the deal add. The structure of the deal would be similar to better-known securities, such as those backed by home or commercial mortgages. Continue reading