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Visionkeeper – This Says It All … – 19 April 2012

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

When I saw this picture I thought to myself ” This sums it all up in one paragraph.” This is truly what this entire shift is centered around aside from learning to love. Out with the old in with the new. We can no longer continue on with this insane way of thinking and being. It is sick, it is warped and above all it must end. America has been decimated and we are being forcefully molded into being a society that we are not! We are not a society that disregards morals, we are not a society who disregards human life, we are not a society that thinks only of money, we are not a society that disregards the well-being of its children or the environment, we are not a society that plunders the earth and imprisons its own people. That is not who we are even though that is who the dark ones desire us to be and cram it down our throats every chance they are given. This brainwashing must stop. Sadly enough people are already beginning to believe this is who they are. Is there time to undo the damage? Can we restore what America stands for? Continue reading